Journey so far

Qriosity was formed in 2018 to give and connect students to exceptional tutors to fulfil their need for quality education. And we have now grown into a family over time.

Just like all the five fingers of our hand are not the same, neither are our children. Every child is different with different grasping power, and learning capacity, and is blessed with unique learning styles and studying habits. Some need more teaching while some students need more practice and we, at Qriosity have been knowing this since our inception. Personalised attention is the most important building block in building a student's academic career. This is not possible in classes of 50-60 students nor a coaching centre. Hence, Qriosity is the one-stop destination for getting the answers to all your questions regarding your child's studies, that too within the budget that suits you. Along with our specially designed course, our tutors are friendly, loving, empathetic and always show patience towards the students. Trust Qriosity with your child’s future and we won't disappoint you.

We belives in actionable & practical learning. We don't give you one thousand pages of notes & expect you to mug up. We teach you in a way that is fun, interactive & yet digestible.

What makes us different?

  • We are not here for the sole purpose of business.

  • We do not make fake promises for our benefit.

  • We try to provide quality guidance that gets results.

  • We understand students' needs and design our courses accordingly.

  • Our main aim is to make your child understand what he/she is learning here so that in the end you are satisfied with our service.

We like to keep things simple. You probably already figured that out.

thank you for stopping by Qriosity.

What our students say