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Simply covering the entire syllabus and then appearing for exams doesn’t pay off. Questions are set in such a way that they will make you think and reconsider for a while. Even then you might get tricked or lose much of your precious time thinking. So, you need to know how to approach a particular question, how to write it, and how much you have to write it. You also need to familiarize yourself with the pressure of the situation, the pattern of the paper, the variety of questions and so much more. This is why mock tests are crucial for better results. Think of this like a game, the more you practice the better your chances are of winning.

Learn to use time efficiently

Mock tests also allow you to practice completing the paper within the stipulated time. It helps you improve speed and accuracy

Get realtime exam experience

Mock tests are a good way of getting rid of this nervousness. This is one of the ways how mock test helps students. Mock tests provide the same environment as a final examination, but in its true sense, it is not actually the final test. Attempting several mock tests exposes students to the final examination environment

Analyze your preparation effectively

After analyzing attempted tests We get to know our weaknesses and strengths too. Both are important. Your confidence is based on your strengths and your nervousness is based on your weaknesses. After analysis, you must revise your weak chapters or portions of the syllabus

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